Christmas 2013 Weekly Round-Up in Pictures

Christmas Weekly Round-up

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of holiday crazy over here! The best part of the holiday season for me is spending time with family and  we had a lovely Christmas with our daughter Franny and her husband Matt and our two adorable grandchildren, Matthew Elijah and Audrey Jane.

Christmas Weekly Round-up

We baked cookies, ate way too much, opened presents and got to spend precious down time together.

Christmas Weekly Round-up


Christmas Weekly Round-up

Two things I learned this Christmas. First, a tutu, a Minnie Mouse shirt and sparkly red shoes makes everything better:


Second, a party hat puts you in a party mood!

Christmas Weekly Round-up

I was blessed to share posts on and also You can see them here:

And my food posts over the last 2 weeks:

Chocolate Chunkers-The Most Outrageous Chocolate Cookie

Faith post:


My prayer for you as we close one year and prepare for the next is this: May you have time to breathe…to notice….to enjoy….to ponder….to wonder….to explore….to jump in….to dream bigger than ever….to live The God Dare every day….to Love like He loved us.

Big Blessings!

Kate :)



  1. Christina Reynolds says

    I LOVE this post, Kate!! I also LOVE the song: “Silent Night”, and you had a pic. with a pink ornament on the Christmas tree that said: ” Silent night” on it!!

    • Kate says

      Thank you so much Christina! I love Silent Night too-and I was thrilled when I found the ornament in an antique shop. Blessings to you and Happy New Year!

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