Twenty Promises For My Grandchildren

IMG_2674 To my recent subscribers: Because you’re new to my blog, I want you to know up front, usually my posts here are either recipes (Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Butter Pecan Syrup coming this week!) or musings about God and faith or posts about hospitality and community. However, for the sake of complete transparency, I have 2 grandchildren who I completely adore. And sometimes I shamelessly gush.

Today is one of those days because my grand son, Matthew Elijah is turning four! It’s an exciting day for him and I wanted him to know a few things from my heart. As I was writing these twenty promises, I knew they had to be for my grand daughter Audrey Jane as well. Maybe you too have children or grandchildren so feel free to take them for your own!

I also have 2 other posts with specific prayers. One for grandsons called Prayers for my Grandson and one for grand daughters called Twenty Things I’m Praying for my Grand daughter. :) Enjoy!


Dear Eli and Audrey Jane:

I’ve been thinking about you both a lot and I want to share a few things with you. Poppy and I think you’re the two most amazing kids on the planet and we’re thrilled to be a part of your lives. We want you to know how we feel and also, for you to know you can always count on us to be there for you, to pray for you, to hold your hands and to guide you on the right path.

You two bless us so much and make us so happy! Here are 20 promises you can always depend on!


I promise:

  1. To always be there. Know you can always, always depend on me.

  2. To always listen to you. Nothing you can say will shock me or make me stop loving you. 

  3. To run to your rescue. Anytime, anywhere. I’m only ever a phone call away.

  4. To give seasoned counsel. I hope you always feel like you can come to me for advice. I’ll pray about it and share what I believe the Lord is saying.

  5. To let you be you. I think you’re amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind, set-apart and incredibly special. Be you, don’t try to be somebody else.

  6. To celebrate all that you are. Because of everything in number 5 above.

  7. To lift you and build you with my words. Words are powerful and I always want mine to bless you and build you up, to help you see all the possibilities open to you. 

  8. To have a ready smile and open arms. Always, every time you see me.

  9. To cook your favorite foods. It’s my delight and you know I love to cook!

  10. To be a safe place.  I will always do everything in my power to keep you safe.

  11. To pray for you. Always and until my last breath.

  12. To be an imitator of Christ so you can imitate me. I hope and pray you see Him in me and want to follow.  

  13. To believe in you. I know God has an amazing plan for you and I’m convinced you’re a world-changer. Nothing will ever change my mind.

  14. To let you fail. Sometimes it’s the best thing to help us grow. It’s never fun or easy but it will teach you what’s important. 

  15. To hold your hand. Because it’s just the best thing ever. 

  16. To love you madly. How could I not? You’re incredible!

  17. To teach you what I’ve learned about God. Nothing in this life will ever satisfy more than Him. I want to share with you everything I’m learning and I want you to share what you’re learning too.

  18. To believe you really are a superhero (Eli) or a princess (Audrey Jane). Because you are! I’ve seen your outfits and your crown and I’ve experienced your super-powers!

  19. To see the world through your eyes. Especially while you’re young and innocent and the world is a wonderful place and you see every small detail with wonder and joy. 

  20. To love you thru thick and thin and to the moon and back. Forever and always because that’s what grandparents do!

Twenty Promises For My Grandchildren

Happy 4th Birthday Eli!

Twenty Promises For My Grandchildren

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